Membership Terms

1.   Definitions

In these Rules, where the context so admits, the following words & expressions shall have the following meaning:

a)     “Club” – LIBRARY Club

b)    “Club Premises” – 112 St Martin’s Lane

c)    “Council” – the founder long with the committee of LIBRARY

d)    We have five principal categories of Membership; Under 30’s, Individual, Corporate, Overseas & Lifetime. 

- An “Under 30’s” member is described as someone who is legally the age of 30 or under.

- An “Overseas” member resides overseas and has no residence of any description (owned, rented, shared or company) with the British Isles.

- An “Individual” member is a member who pays the full membership rate along with a joining fee.

- A “Corporate” member is described as someone who shares a membership with a minimum of two colleagues from work.

- A “Lifetime” member is a member whose membership is valid for a minimum of 5 years

e)    “Membership Year” – the period of twelve months starting on the date on which the subscription became due.

f)     Where applicable, the singular shall imply the plural and the masculine shall include the feminine and vice versa.

2.    Name

The name of the Club shall be LIBRARY. 

3.   Relations with My Library Ltd.

So long as the Club is provided by My Library Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) with premises and other amenities reasonably necessary for carrying on a social club, all fees and subscriptions payable by Members shall be paid to the Company. The Club is a non profit making organisation.

4.   Limited Liability of Members

A Member shall not by reason of his membership be under any financial liability, except for such payments as the Rules and Bye-Laws prescribe from time to time, nor have any claim to the ownership of any part of the Club or its property 

5.   Conduct of the Club

The conduct of the Club and its Members shall be the responsibility of the Council.

6.   Rules – How Made

a)    The power to makes Rules and Bye-Laws and to repeal shall rest with the Council.

b)    All Rules & Bye-Laws from time to time in force shall be binding on Members. Due notification of a Rule or Bye-Law having been made, repealed or amended shall be considered to have been given to Members if posted on the Club Reception.

 c)    The Rules shall be printed and a copy or an extract sent to each newly elected Member, other than a temporary Member.

d)    Any question as to the interpretation of application of the Rules and Bye-Laws shall be decided by the Council, whose decision shall be final and binding on Members.

7.   Membership

a)    The Classes of Membership shall be:

Under 30’s, Individual, Corporate, Overseas & Lifetime 

The rights attached to each class, the maximum number of Members of each class and the respective entrance fees and annual subscriptions shall be such as may be fixed from time to time by the Council, who may waive, reduce, increase or defer an entrance fee or annual subscription, or any part thereof, in particular cases at their discretion.

b)    Mode of Election

The election to every class of Membership shall be in the hands of the Council. The Council may elect or refuse to elect as they think fit. The Council shall not be called upon to give any reason for refusing to elect a candidate put forward for Membership.

c)    Temporary Membership

The Council may at its discretion grant Temporary Membership to candidates awaiting election and bona fide members of Clubs/Hotels/Associations with whom reciprocal arrangements have been established. The Secretary shall deal with all requests for Temporary Membership.

d)    The names of Temporary Members shall be inserted into the Membership Database.

e)    The Secretary shall send to each Member, upon election, a written notice of the Rules and Bye-Laws then in force 

f)     The joining fee and subscription shall be paid by either BACS transfer, cash or credit card.

g)    All subsequent subscriptions, except those of Temporary Members, shall be variable by direct debit. Overseas Members may pay by cash or credit card should they not have a British bank account

h)   The subscription paid on the anniversary of election shall be valid and unalterable for a year. If a Member changes category during the ensuing year no rebate of subscription will be given. Similarly, the Club will not demand an increase until the next anniversary of election. 

8.   Sponsoring of Candidates

a)    Candidates for Membership

                       I.     The candidate should be personally well known by the proposer and seconder, who are required to send acknowledgements to the Council stating how long they have known the candidate and giving relevant information in support of their belief that the candidate is socially and in every other way suitable to become a Member.

                    II.     Application for election must be made in writing and signed by the candidate.

                   III.     If the forms of application or the letters in support thereof contain any misrepresentation which, in the opinion of the Council, is material and willful, the candidate, if elected, shall be considered not to have been elected and his name shall be deleted from the Membership Database. Disciplinary action may be taken against the proposer and seconder.  

                   IV.     If either the proposer or seconder ceases to be a Member before the day of election, the candidate may be required to find a new proposer or seconder. 

9.   Annual Re-election of Members

Election to Membership (except in the cases of Temporary Membership) shall be for one year but every Member is deemed to stand for re-election annually at the end of their Membership year in the class appropriate to their age and place of residence unless they have given due notice of resignation (see Rule 12). The name of every Member whose Membership year is about to end and who stands or is deemed to stand for re-election shall be considered by the Council who may re-elect or refuse to re-elect each such Member as they in their absolute discretion think fit. The Council shall not be bound to give any reason for not re-electing a Member and a person not re-elected shall cease to be a Member at the end of their current Membership year and shall not be brought into the Club as a guest. Notice by registered or recorded post and electronically shall be sent to any Member who has not been re-elected notifying them of the fact.  

10.                 Members’ Addresses and Notices to Members

Every member shall communicate his permanent address to the Club and notify us in writing of any temporary or permanent change of address.

11.                 Non-Payment of Subscriptions

a)    If any Member fails to remit the amount of their subscription on the due date, notice shall be sent to them. If payment is not following two months, they will be considered to have resigned and be struck off the Membership Database.

b)    The Club may reinstate a Member upon payment of the arrears if satisfactory reasons are presented for the delay in payment.  

12.                 Resignations

A Member who wishes to resign must notify the Club. Unless the notification shall have been given one calendar month before the end of their membership year, they will be subject to re-election under Rule 9 and the subscription collected as normal. If Membership is cancelled within one month of re-election there will be a 50% refund on membership fees. After this date, there will be no refund.  

13.                 Suspension and Expulsion

a)    A Member shall automatically and immediately cease to be a Member if:

                       I.     A receiving order is made against them, or they make any arrangement or composition with their creditors.

                    II.     They become of unsound mind. 

                  III.     They are convicted of any arrestable criminal offence (other than offence under road traffic legislation in the United Kingdom for which a fine or custodial penalty of fourteen days or less is imposed). 

                   IV.     They have been at default on the Stock Exchange or a defaulter on the Turf.

However, the Council shall have the power, as its discretion, to reinstate them.  

b)    Should a Member behave with or without the Club in a manner which in the opinion of the Council is injurious to the character and interests of the Club, or commit any infraction of the Rules or Bye-Laws of the Club, the Council shall, after opportunity has been afforded them of explanation, have absolute power to caution them or suspend them or request their resignation and, if the Member does not resign within one week after such a request, it may forthwith expel them and strike their name off the Membership Database.  

c)    If the Council decided that the offence of a Member is sufficient to warrant their immediate expulsion it is empowered to expel them forthwith.

 d)    Any person ceasing to be a Member of the Club in accordance with this Rule shall forfeit their joining fee and subscription and shall not be introduced as a guest. 


1.   Bye-Laws

The power to repeal and amend these Bye-Laws, and to make new ones, rest with the Council, whose decision as to the meaning and application of any Bye-Law shall be final. Any changes are to be published at Reception, or as the Council think fit.

2.   Application of Bye-Laws

All Bye-Laws from time to time in force shall be binding on Members. A copy of them shall be sent to every newly elected Member and due notification of a Bye-Law having been made, repealed or considered to have been given if posted at Reception. 

3.   Council Members

a)    Members of the Council, with the exception of the Director, are not to direct staff in the daily execution of their duties.

b)    All members of the Council are entitled to assist in ensuring that the Rules & Bye-Laws of the Club are observed. They may and are entitled to approach Members, Members’ guests and Reciprocal Members who fail to observe the Rules & Bye-Laws, reporting the matter to the Duty Manager if thought necessary.

4.   Guests

a)    Members may introduce three non-residential guests into the Club premises but they must accompany them and be responsible for their behaviour. Guests, may order refreshments but they must leave the Club premises at the same time as, or before, the Members introducing them.

b)    A member may bring more guests but let reception know before hand for confirmation

c)    The Council may limit the number of guests on special occasions and may refuse admission to any guest at any time without giving a reason.

d)    Their conduct and any expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the introducing Member. If resident guests fail to pay their bills then the introducing Member will be responsible for discharging the amount.

e)    Members must be over the age of 25 and guests under the age of 18 years are not allowed to enter the Club premises except on Saturdays and Sundays before 6pm

f)     Members are personally responsible for settling the accounts for any use made of the Club by their guests whether corporate or individual.

5.   Cheques

If a Member pays for services by a cheque, which is not honoured, the Member may be required to furnish a written explanation to the Council and may be disciplined by them under Rule 13.

6.   Business Transactions on the Club Premises

Member may not carry on a profession, trade, business or like occupation on the Club premises, nor use the name or address of the Club for such purposes, or cause letters to be addressed to them otherwise than in their own name.

7.   Hours when the Club Premises open

The hours during which Members and their guests may remain in the public rooms, or non-resident Members admitted to the Club premises, shall be prescribed by the Council from time to time.

8.   Closing of Club Premises

The Council may at any time close the Club premises or part thereof.

9.   Damage by Members

Any Member breaking or otherwise damaging property used for the purpose of the Club may be called upon to make good or pay for such damages.  

10.                 Members’ Complaints

a)    Complaints regarding the domestic arrangements of the Club are to be made to Reception and/or the General Manager. Complaints made about the food may be made at the time of service to the Duty Manager and/or the General Manager.

b)    The conduct of the Club staff is in no case to be made a matter of reprimand by any Member, including Council members, but should be taken to the Duty Manager and/or the General Manager 

11.                 Members’ Suggestions

Members wishing to put forward suggestions should do so in writing to the Reception or per the suggestions sheets available from Reception.

12.                 Employment of Staff

No Member shall intimate or cause to be intimidated to any employee their willingness to take the employee into their employment. A member desiring the service of the staff, should they desire to do so at any time at Reception by agreement, bacs, cash or credit card.

13.                 Gratuities to Staff

Members are strictly forbidden to offer any gratuity to the Club Staff but are invited to show their appreciation of the service of the staff, should they desire to do so, by contributing at Reception by cheque, cash or credit card.

14.                 Loss of injury to Members and their Property

Loss or injury to any Member or to any guests or staff or agent of theirs, or to any goods or property of theirs, on the Club premises shall not give rise to any claims against the Club, or any member of the Council.

 Articles of value may, on application to the Duty Manager, be deposited in a safe or behind reception, but the Club declines to undertake any liability in respect of such deposits.

15.                 Settling of Bills

Members must pay by cash or credit card for all their requirements on the Club premises unless they have a Member charge account. Those occupying bedrooms must settle their bill upon the end of their stay.          

16.                  Meals

a)    The hours for serving meals shall be posted at Reception.  

b)    Tables in the restaurant may be reserved.

c)    Members may be restricted as to the number of guests introduced to the restaurant.

d)    Non-Members will be allowed to occupy a table to be served with food and drink during lunchtime hours

e)    No Food or drink is to be brought into the Club for consumption on the Club’s premises.

17.                 The Bedrooms

a)    The Bedrooms may be used by both Members and Non-Members. For Rules on children, please see Rule 23.

b)    The procedure for making reservations is as follows:

I.              Reservations may be made by telephone, online via or personal application at reception.

II.           All reservations will be confirmed by email unless there is insufficient time to do so.

III.         The Club will ensure that the Member’s discount is applied to the room rates prior to confirming the booking.

IV.          The Club will not be responsible for a booking, which has not been acknowledged in such a way.

V.            All rooms must be guaranteed by credit card or the room will be released at 6.00pm two days prior to arrival.

VI.          No reservation for a Member’s guest will be accepted unless made by the Member in writing via letter or email.

VII.       All cancelations must be made in writing via email or post to Reception. 

c)    If a Member has booked a bedroom and confirms a booking and then fails to occupy it, he or she will nevertheless be charged for it unless at least 48 hours’ notice is received before 12 noon. Reservations made three months or more in advance must be cancelled at lest 72 hours prior to date or arrival before 12 noon. A cancellation fee of up to two night’s accommodation will be charged dependent on the number of nights booked.

I.              Multiples reservations (Block Bookings) made three months or more in advance must be cancelled in writing at least five days prior to date of arrival before 12 noon.  

d)    Bedrooms will be available from 2.00pm on the day of booking and bedrooms must be vacated by 11.00am on the day of departure, otherwise a late departure fee will be charged.

e)    When exceptional circumstances require notice being given to the occupant of a room to vacate it, such notice may be delivered to them personally or placed on their dressing table no later than 10.30 am on the day on which it is to take effect. The room must be vacated within two hours of such notice. 

f)     A Member who is ill may be required to vacate his bedroom if, in the opinion of a Doctor or Duty Manager such a course is desirable.

g)    No strangers are to be admitted to the bedrooms or bedroom floors except with the sanction of the Duty Manager. A member occupying a suite may entertain other Members or guests in the sitting room.

h)   The Duty Manager has the authority to require Members, Reciprocal Members and guests to vacate their bedrooms and leave the Club in the event of gross misbehavior or unreasonable noise.  

18.                 Valet Services

Members may not call upon the bedroom staff for assistance in packing or unpacking or for special work, though help will be given when possible.

19.                 Dress of Members

a)    Members are responsible for the dress of their guest(s) at all times and in all public areas 

20.                 Private Parties and Business Functions

Members may apply to the events manager for the use of rooms for breakfasts’, lunches, dinners, cocktail parties and wedding receptions, as well as business, conferences and presentations etc.

21.                 Reserved Areas

a)    Members who wish to host business events may arrange for the hire of function rooms as may be available through the Events Manager, which will not be in breach of Bye Law 6.

b)    Members, who wish to book the private dining room, will be charged a hire fee. A half-day would be from 9am to 5pm and a full day is in excess of 8 hours.

22.                 Outside Organisations

Subject to normal amenities being maintained, the Council shall have the right to allocate rooms to outside organizations for whatever period it may be deemed fit to accommodate them.

23.                 Children

Children under the age of 18 will be refused entry into the Club except on Saturday and Sunday before 6pm

24.                 Dogs

No dogs or other animals are allowed in the Club premises, except for guide dogs.

25.                 Smoking

Smoking, is by law, only permitted on the Smoking Terrace

26.                 Notices in Club Premises

No posters, placards, advertisements or notices of any kind shall be put up in the Club premises without the permission of the General Manager or the Council.

27.                 Newspapers, Magazines and Books

a)    No newspapers or periodicals may be removed from the Cub premises and Members are requested to leave newspapers and periodicals in the room in which they find them and replace all books in their proper place.

b)    Members may borrow the books provided by the Club. They must notify reception which book they are taking and provide a signature and date of the day they took the book.

28.                 Letters, Parcel etc

a)    No letter or parcel addressed to a Member shall be given to any other person except with the written authority of the addressee.

b)    Letters and parcels addressed to a Member at the Club premises shall be received and will only be forwarded, at the Member’s own risk and cost, if a forwarding address has been given. Letters not claimed and for which no forwarding address has been given will be disposed of periodically at the discretion of Reception.

c)    All letters arriving by post for Members staying in the Club premises will be delivered to their bedroom.

29.                 Items Found on the Club Premises

A list of items found on the Club premises shall be entered into a book kept for that purpose. Articles not claimed at the expiration of six months may be disposed of as the Council sees fit.

30.                 Storage of Luggage

a)    Luggage shall not be left in the entrance hall or in any part of the Club premises.

b)    Luggage shall be either kept behind reception at the Cloak Room or taken immediately on arrival to the room engaged. Priority is given to Members resident in the Club premises.

c)    Luggage may be left for no longer than ten days, except with the Council’s permission. After this time, items will be disposed of following suitable notice given to the owner.  

33.                Members’ Cars

The Club staff cannot be held responsible for Members’ cars parked outside the Club, neither for their safety from theft nor infringement of parking regulations.

 34.                Reciprocal Clubs

A Member may use other clubs with which LIBRARY has reciprocal arrangements and a list of these clubs is kept at Reception. Members are to settle their bills before departure from the Reciprocal Club.

35.                Reciprocal Members

Members of other clubs with which LIBRARY has reciprocal arrangements may only use the Club facilities upon showing either their Membership card or a written letter of consent from the Reciprocal Club.

36.                Booking Rules for Club Events

The following rules apply for the booking of all Club events

a)    Preliminary bookings will only be accepted on receipt of a Member’s credit card details or bacs payment

b)    Non-Members may book for certain events, which are open to the public.

c)    No bookings will be accepted as confirmed unless it has been paid for in full by cash, bacs or credit card .

d)    If a booking is cancelled between two to seven days prior to the event, 50% of the ticket price will be refunded Thereafter there will be no refund.

e)    For cancellations within 48 hours of the event the full ticket price will be payable.

37.                Removal of Property

No chattel or fixture or fitting belonging to the Club may disposed of without the agreement of the Council or General Manger.